Why choose Premium Homes?

Here's what you need to know

Quality and performance beyond the NZ building code

Most builders, big brands included, build to meet the minimum requirements of the NZ building code and you’ll pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for these houses.

There are differing opinions on how best to improve on the mediocre standards of an everyday build and we appreciate that this can be confusing for those researching options.

A common approach is to improve performance by maximising airtightness, locking houses up with wraps which are often combined with toxic insulation materials. These houses typically rely on mechanical apparatus operating 24/7 to remove carbon dioxide build-ups and VOCs just so occupants can breathe. Careful consideration needs to be made on the ability of these wall structures to safely handle moisture.

On the other hand, we at Premium Homes focus on improving air tightness to a sensible degree (2.6 – 3ach) while providing cleaner air and internal humidity management using natural and sustainable materials. The Foreverbreathe wall system manages humidity and moisture within homes, maximising comfort while helping to assure the longevity of the building. This wall system is very low toxin, taking the definition of healthy homes further than merely warm and dry.

Better for your family, better for our planet

Rising sea levels in conjunction with New Zealand’s land subsidence means we are likely to suffer consequences soon if we don’t make change now.

CO2 emissions happen when building materials are produced, when homes are being built, and then when they are lived in. The building and construction sector is currently a major contributor to CO2 emissions because of what is being built and the building materials that are commonly used.

You have an opportunity to make a positive difference to our planet for years to come when you build a lower emission home. The spin off is that you will also benefit through energy savings and your living environment will be healthier through cleaner air. In fact, after rigorous testing the Foreverbreathe system that we advocate carries the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice logo. The Foreverbreathe system will lower emissions compared to normal building materials.

Making it happen

The Foreverbreathe system must be implemented correctly for optimal performance. We’re Award winning builders with the expertise and experience with Foreverbreathe, we are qualified to ensure your home will perform to expectation. Should you choose, we’ll co-ordinate the attainment of a Homestar rating to qualify your new home. The Homestar rating will assist in maximising the resale value of your home and depending on your lender, may be the key to lower interest rates through a healthy home loan.

All of our builds are closely managed by our own staff and this gives us the ability to ensure quality at every step. No corners are cut. Our subcontractors are handpicked and well known to us.

We’re highly experienced in quality renovation and repair work including re-levelling and will be delighted to talk with you about your project requirements.

Would you like to find out more?

Having reached this point, you may be interested in learning more about how we build and what we at Premium Homes can do for you. Contact us to make a time to meet so you can find out how your new home can be streets ahead of the norm. Alternatively, visit the healthy show home at 1062 Colombo St. If our philosophy resonates with you, let'talk about your ideas, requirements and wish list.

Visit our Healthy Home Show Home

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