2030 isn’t far away

Don’t build a dinosaur!

The MBIE programme of change began in 2022 and all new homes will need to meet key milestones, just around the corner in 2030.

New Zealand has committed to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The Government is developing an Emissions Reduction Plan which will set out the changes needed to allow New Zealand to meet its climate change goals. In addition to building homes with lower carbon emissions the government is looking to ensure New Zealand’s buildings are resilient enough to withstand changing climate conditions.

The Building for Climate Change programme is run by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to reduce emissions from constructing and operating buildings, and to make sure our buildings are prepared for the future effects of climate change.

If you’re looking to build now it makes sense to take these requirements into consideration. Otherwise, what would your resale value look like just a few short years into the future compared to other, more compliant homes?

If you’re thinking about building, consider the new requirements now to enhance your resale value. Don’t build a dinosaur, talk to us and reduce your energy bills while living in a better, more comfortable environment.

Find more information and a graphic (from the PDF) for the work programme here. Work programme | Building Performance


New Home Building Awards for Premium Homes Christchurch NZ

1. Qualified Home Builders

Discover Our Green Expertise
Experience the difference with our team of eco-home builders who have the skills and qualifications to bring your sustainable dream home to life, from design to construction.

Quality First
We believe in delivering exceptional quality as well as sustainability in all aspects of our home-building process.

Join us for a better building experience. Contact us today.

2. Commitment to your satisfaction

We prioritise your satisfaction and this is reflected in the quality of our eco homes .

From the time we start talking design with you to the time you move in we are fully committed to providing excellent customer service and will be there with you throughout the entire process.

3. Our Eco Credentials

We have Comprehensive Eco-Building Knowledge and have been awarded through Master Builders for environmental and sustainable excellence.

Our builders are experts in eco-building, resulting in comfortable, energy efficient homes with clean air. Our methods and materials used result in homes that are more sustainable.

Quality and Sustainability First
We believe in delivering exceptional quality and sustainability in all aspects of our eco-home building process. Our builders are dedicated to using high-quality, environmentally friendly materials.

Join us in creating a greener future for your home. Contact us today.

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