Repairs & Alterations


Earthquake repairs

Is your home in the 'On-sold' Category or are you still in the EQC system?

Or do you suspect that your quake repairs have not been carried out properly?

Perhaps your insurance pay-out won't cover the real cost of repairs?

Then talk to us.

We’ll arrange to meet with you on site, check your floor levels and if you have a case, we’ll organise to carry out a detailed scope.

How does it work?

The first step is for us to understand your situation. During your free consultation meeting we’ll check the levels of your home, learn about any tell-tale signs that indicate something’s not right and give you our expert recommendation on whether you have a case to pursue. From there we can ascertain the real repair costs and work for you as intermediary between you and your insurance provider to get your home back to how it should be.

We’re your one-stop-shop. No need for you to worry about project managing re-levellers, engineers, builders, painters and other contractors, we’ll do it all, relieving you of unnecessary stress.


Large/Technical Alterations


Is your home missing the wine cellar or home theatre it so sorely needs? Or maybe you're looking at an open plan living area? Now’s the time to increase the value of your investment and turn your house into the home you’ve always wanted.

Our team of expert builders are your go-to team for quality, high end alterations. We encompass years of in-house industry experience, and with our highly coveted list of subcontractors, we promise to deliver your home to the highest standard, on time and to your budget.

Go on, add that extra luxury you’ve always wanted!

Homeowner – Article from Abode Magazine

The job called for solid planning, meticulous attention to the finer details and impeccable execution, and, ultimately, a deep appreciation of Susan’s vision for her home.

Taking on this unique job was the team at Premium Homes, and they did so in such a way that “never felt like they were taking over”, says Susan; “I always felt respected and involved”.


Call today for your FREE, no obligation consultation to discuss your ideas, and discover how we can help.

Call 03 365 0080 - or leave an enquiry to open the door to your premium home today.

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